Isaiah 43:10

Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that you may know and believe me, and understand that I am He: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.

Your Stories

It's Personal to Us was established thru the conviction of the Holy Spirit felt by a man living in East Texas. Indeed, it would be fair to say this very website was born from this one man’s disobedience, as he had ignored the call to bear witness for far too long. By his own admission his life has been forever changed and quite possibly yours will be also.

With this online presence, people throughout the world can enjoy and tell their bracelet stories, Please enjoy reading those very stories, shared here, and consider submitting your own to It's Personal to Us.

"Hello my name is Hannah, I'm 11 years old and from Texas and also in the fifth grade and this is my story. My story is about personal bracelets telling other people about the father in heaven, so at my bible study I got to share all about it. I said my grandpa and I are going to start selling them so we can by hundreds and hundreds more bracelets y'all can get these for one condition. The conditions is for you to do is tell one person about these bracelets. Here is what they are mostly about the name of its personal it means your personal relationship with Jesus. so if someone asked you what does your bracelet say, what would you say. i would say these are about my personal relationship with Jesus, also these are for you to tell other people about too. Also I think I have told at least about 20 or 30 people about them, so that I can tell that many people about it, think of how many you can. If i can tell 20 or 30 people imagine how many if 20 people tell that many that is 40 to 60 people that hear about it now. Thats my story i hope you take my advise and tell others about it. I hope you enjoyed it."
I was at the store working today, imagine that, anyway a man came in I had met yesterday, he is retired military, a giant of a man, so when we had finished our business he wanted to pay me for something I had intended just to help him in his situation. I told him I wouldn't take it, I'm just guessing you don't tell this guy no very often, anyway I asked him to come to the back of my office, the back wall has all the it's personal stuff on it. As I started to explain what it's personal was all about, and showing him my wristband he smiled and rolled his sleeve up, this retired giant I had just recently met was sporting a red it's personal band already. I have never been one to wear stuff like this, kind of had even thought at first that you didn't see a lot of adults wearing such. I got over that months ago, thank you Jesus! This man made my day, he was not ashamed to use this wristband and to let God work through him, I think probably with or without the wristband he would still be serving, but I thank God for him anyway. I won't mention any names but I thank you for your service to our country and your generosity, but most of all for your service to our RISEN SAVIOR, all Glory and Praise to our Father, Amen and Amen
Great day today. A man n his wife came in to look around the store. Spent 10 minutes or so looking then saw my ITS PERSONAL display. The women ask what does that mean. I said glad you ask n I began telling her. She thought that was so cool. So I give her a couple bracelets, thought it was over. They kept looking for awhile then came up to me n starting talking. Bad mistake because I wouldn't shut up. I began by telling them about Worship Under The Bridge then about Calvary Baptist church and especially lots of talk about GOD. I went on n on thought they might get tired of listening but they stood there sharing GODS word . it was amazing. We talked about planting a seed. I just couldn't stop. It was exciting. Then they both said, this was for a reason GOD put this time n us together. With tears in my eyes I thanked them ,hugged them n told them I would pray for them. What a day the man said 30 minutes of church on a Tues morning. GOD is good n working in my life. Amen
' Its Personal ' means our personal relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Hi my name is Rylie Jo, I'm 9 years old. My grandfather has its personal bracelets and hats. I love how me and him talk about our relationships with the Lord. If someone comes up to you and says 'what does that mean?' You would say "its about my personal relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. So what does 'its personal ' mean.
I was at the tire store the other day when a big diesel truck drove up, a man got out and I walked outside to see if I could help him. he wanted me to look at his tire, wanted to know if I thought it would make it to Dallas. Before I could say anything he said he thought it would, I agreed with him. As he was leaving I asked him were he was from and he told me, I asked him did he go to Church there. He said he was a minister, I then asked him if he had time to come inside that I had something that I wanted to share with him. We went back in my office where all the it's personal stuff was, as I started to explain the meaning behind it he began to smile. God definitely has a way of making things happen. Praise Him. Anyway this guy was looking for something to help him in a prison ministry that he was part of, He was as excited as I was, perfect fit. He left and I was thinking about how God had brought us together. A short time later he drove back up. came inside and ask if I would pray with him, absolutely. I love it when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had orchestrated the whole meeting. All Glory to our Father.
I was explaining about it's personal wristbands to a couple a few weeks ago, he was a Pastor in Dallas, as I was explaining we went to the back in my office where all the its personal stuff is, his wife's eyes lit up quick, she grasped it right off. I told the husband this scenario, what if you were coming home, had been working hard all day, got stuck in traffic, finally got out headed home, wife calls, can you stop at the store on your way home and get me 1 to 100 items, he says yes, knowing all he really wanted was to get the house, standing in the checkout line all tired and long faced wanting to go home, someone asked him, what does that mean on his wristband, it's personal, hello his day just changed, since they asked he gets to tell them, its about my personal relationship with JESUS. his tired just left,,, did he have witnessing on his mind? maybe he did. GOD sure had it on his mind. He just needed a servant willing to be used! Could something so simple help us to engage where we haven't been?
Just wanted to share a story on the bracelets you shared with me. That following Sunday in my class I shared the story of the bracelets, they choose the color that that they wanted, the following Sunday there were requests for more. Who knows what God can do with the bracelets. Thanks for sharing.
Had the honor of spreading its personal today. Couple of men and a women came into shop this evening looking for church pews n chairs. I didn't have them but told them where they could get some. Perfect time to spread the word bout its personal. So I ask do y'all know what this bracelet means. They had the rite answer. Your relationship with the Lord. Then they told me they were with Bread of Life Ministry. They opened the door so I came in. God is good bout bringing me the time to spread its personal to anyone
All my life I've heard the saying, "GOD works in mysterious ways. Just recently, I saw it in action. My mobile phone rang and I could see the call was from an area code I did not recognize, but I answered it anyway. This man on the other end ask who I was and what I wanted? I said I didn't want anything, who is this? He said, "well you called me." Sure enough I saw on my recent calls that I had indeed called him. I don't know if you have ever sat on your phone and accidently called someone. Well I have and just did again. The mysterious part is how I dialed the area code and a phone number in New York. I apologized and he said, "while I have you on the phone is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior?" I replied, "Praise the Lord; yes he is." I then told him about "It's Personal to us" website and he was extremely excited about it. So if It's personal catches on in New York, we will know GOD surely works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. Thank you for your time and GOD bless you
I walked into a local business not too long ago and the owner is wearing one of those rubber bracelets with the message It's Personal on it. I have noticed others wearing items with the saying so I asked, "Hey what's this It's Personal thing?" My friend shares with me how God inspired Him to use the phrase It's Personal as a way to share the gospel with others.Luke's account of Pentecost reminds me just how personal it is. The Holy Spirit not only descends on a the community of Believers but rested on each one there. Each one spoke in a different language, but all gifts of the same Spirit. How awesome it is that God is a God of all and makes it personal at the same time. I'm in awe at the very thought of it.Think for a moment about how God has made Himself known to you in a personal way. What does it feel like to know It's Personal?Want to know more about It's Personal. Here's the link: It's Personal Lord, You made it personal.
You, as a baby, entering in our lives, entering our world.
I invite You, now, to enter my personal world.
Bless me with Your Spirit in my life.